Saturday, January 01, 2005

Water Saving - Links & Further Information

Alan Titchmarsh has some helpful hints on water saving in the garden. This Environment Agency site also has further information on conserving water at home. The RSPB also has tips on saving water in the garden, as well as a list of drought tolerant plants (and mainly native species at that).

Thames Water has a great deal of information on saving water, as well as links to yet more web sites with information on saving water. It also has a game you can play with Splash Gordon as well as some little quizzes for the kids.

In fact, most of the water companies have information on how you can save water in your home. Have a look at the website of your provider.

Click here for things that your school can do.

For reasons why we should be saving water, have a look at this site:

Friends of the Earth

And for some facts and figures on water usage, see below.

The amount of water used in:

Taking a bath - 80 litres
Taking a shower - 5 litres/per minute
Using a washing machine - 80 litres
Flushing the toilet - 9 litres
Watering the garden - 1000 litres/per hour (wow!)
Using a dish washer - 35 litres

The amount of water used to produce a:

Small car - 450,000 litres
Bicycle - 130 litres
Litre of petrol - 70 litres
Drinks can -305 litres
Tonne of paper - 54,000 litres


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